TD3 - TD1


The new TD3 and TD1 multifunctional heat conditioner “PRO” line responds to user’s suggestions, significantly contributing to the development of this new TD series.
In fact, experience is the foundation of each product and its success, and what better advice can contribute to perfecting a tool than that from people who use it every day?
Walmec, always attentive to these market inputs, has translated all this into a new an effi cient TD “PRO” series, with the following improvements:

  • The new 1.11 software, able to efficiently control tool operations, offers the operator the possibility of working in full safety and efficiency;
  • Doubled air flow (over 1.200 l/min) for fully efficient operations even with two spray guns;
  • The new THT hose’s doubled heating power, 1.200 W, grants higher reactivity in reaching and maintaining set temperatures, with the consequent practically total reduction of operator wait time;
  • The new automatic condensation drain system, for higher cleaning and tool maintenance security (TD3 PRO only).

New and important features that further enhance this exceptional tool that has stood out as the most efficient and complete on the market.
In addition to the range of accessories completing the tool, we have now introduced the new Genesi TD with insulating thermoplastic grip to make TD PRO operations even more functional since the operator can now work at any temperature without fastidiously overheating their hands.