Special series

G1 SERIES: Spray guns indicated for the application of high density products to obtain a high finish orange peel or sponge effect.
Recommended in all those sectors where a normal spray guns does not provide sufficient yield in spraying these products.
The stainless steel cup and NBR gaskets features make this product resistant to the most aggressive solvents and most improper maintenance.
The new regulator also guarantees constant cup pressure.
RD SERIES: Spray gun specific for the application of paint or rust-proofing products on hard to reach areas (such as radiators).
EPD SERIES: Pressurised air brush for dense products without atomisation air.
Ideal for glue, sealing and lubricants. The special “flat or long spout” rods permit precise and effi cient applications according to specific needs.
MM: Spray gun specific for plastic wall application.

Special Series Special Series